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    My earliest experience began when I became a foster for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and cared for over 200 senior dogs over a span of eight years. Many of my fosters were special needs and hospice. I gained experience in how to care for and treat practically every type of disability and medical issue.

    I co-owned a dog walking, daycare and boarding business called Small Club, which we ran from my home in San Francisco. In 2014, we were voted “Best Dog Walking Service” by the Bay Area Guardian!

    After 15 years of caring for dogs, I realized that I also want to help people (like you!) who love animals and find joy being a doggy caregiver. I have shared my advice with dozens of people through the years, and that is why I decided to officially become a dog care coach.

    I have been so fortunate to be able to dedicate my life and career to helping animals. You can too!

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